7 best WooCommerce customer support plugins in 2022

We all know the importance of a customer support solution that can deliver value to your customers as well as improve their overall purchase experience.

Imagine if you have a customer support solution that allows

  • your customer to reach you immediately (live chat)
  • convey complicated concerns in detail and monitor them (ticket support)
  • search for solutions themselves (searchable FAQs page),
  • allows you to respond to your customer queries via any support channel
  • allows agents to know about your customer and their purchase history, and
  • place return/ cancellation requests on behalf of your customers

All of these can help you save massive time and deliver better and faster customer service for your online store.

The good news is that there are a lot of high-quality plugins and apps that allow you to quickly and easily integrate customer support solutions into your WooCommerce store.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve listed out some of the top WooCommerce customer support plugins and apps that can help you deliver great customer service for your WooCommerce store.

HelpScout extension developed by OPMC

HelpScout is a WooCommerce customer support plugin that allows you to start a conversation with your customers in a HelpScout mailbox.

Using this plugin you can help your customers request assistance with orders and receive their answers as quickly as possible

Image courtesy: WooCommerce


  • Allows you to use the shortcode to add a help scout form to any portion of your WooCommerce website, which can be customized using CSS and other tools.
  • Use the customer’s customizable forms to get in touch with them.
  • The “My Account” feature allows customers to view discussions.
  • A blog remark can also be used to start a dialogue.
  • Within Help Scout, you may respond to blog comments and convert them to tickets.

Pricing: 99$ billed annually

Mezchip | WooCommerce Customer Support App

Mezchip is an omnichannel customer support dashboard that gives you a separate platform to manage your customer communications across support channels.

You can use Mezchip to communicate with potential and existing customers via email, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, to resolve customer issues, follow up leads, view customer order and shipment details, and chat history.

Image courtesy: Mezchip

Mezchip gives you a separate platform dedicated entirely to your support staff.

Deep integration with your WooCommerce Store empowers your support staff to view customer details and manage returns and cancellations without having to share your WooCommerce site details.


Manage customer queries from a single platform across Email, Facebook/Instagram DM’s, and Whatsapp

From a single dashboard, you can view and reply to customer inquiries from all of your existing support channels. No more juggling channels or missing queries. Stand out! Save time, and provide better and faster support.

Your support staff can provide support without having to share your Woo Commerce store credentials

Mezchip provides you a separate dashboard where your staff doesn’t need to access your WooCommerce site.

Inside your Mezchip dashboard, you can view customer details, customer orders, shipment details, and previous chats.

Your support staff can easily see/ search customer details and can refund an order or cancel a subscription for your customers without having to log in to your main WooCommerce website.

Create Custom Channels and End Conversations

Create your own channels for phone and messaging support inquiries. Unresolved discussions can be created and tracked in real time. Close conversations once resolved. Add your own updates and notes in real time.

Subscribe to Notifications

Get notified of customer messages in real-time across all channels.

Customer Profiling

Assign relevant tags to prioritize customer conversations

Multi-Store support

Supports multiple WooCommerce stores and can collect inquiries from across your WooCommerce websites, allowing you to answer all of your customers from a single platform.

Pricing: 29$ billed monthly

Support Ticket System for WooCommerce by Plugify

Support Ticket System is a plugin to create and track customer tickets for your WooCommerce store. Customers can submit order tickets by clicking the Submit Ticket button in the order tab of the user’s My Account page, which is enabled by this plugin. It generates a ticket dashboard where users may check on existing tickets and create new ones. After creating a store account, guests can also file a ticket.

Image courtesy: WooCommerce


  • Users can create generic tickets for any problem.
  • Customers can submit tickets for orders from their My Account pages
  • Can have their dashboard to manage their tickets.
  • Customers may see open and closed tickets from their dashboards
  • Can also create new tickets from their dashboards
  • It creates separate listing pages for support tickets
  • It includes a shortcode to show open and closed tickets

Pricing: 59$ billed annually

Zendesk Support for WooCommerce by OPMC

Zendesk is a support plugin developed by OMPC for WooCommerec stores. It organizes your store by managing customer orders and inquiries in one place. When an order or inquiry is placed by the buyer, a new ticket is automatically generated in Zendesk for the customer.


  • Customer orders can be sorted and arranged by status, customer name, tags, priority levels, and other factors.
  • You can make notes and tag teammates to make customer-related concerns easier to manage.
  • Orders can be filtered based on their current state.
  • You can set up priority levels for your clients’ inquiries.


  • To integrate your WooCommerce store with Zendesk you have to Copy and paste your Zendesk account’s Subdomain, Username, and Access token, then save the modifications.

Pricing: 129$ billed annually

Intercom Support for WooCommerce by OPMC

This is another WooCommerce Customer Support Plugin developed by OPMC for WooCommerce stores.

It syncs order details, customer data, and other related information in the Intercom platform, helping you resolve the concern quickly.

Image courtesy: WooCommerce


  • The Intercom WooCommerce integration adds a form to each purchase description in your business, allowing consumers to contact you directly. For the most frequently requested questions, you can create automated responses.
  • Customers can access their My Account pages to keep track of their support requests. They might go over previous talks with you and initiate follow-ups.
  • It’s not a problem if you have multiple businesses. Intercom Integration for WooCommerce can collect enquiries from across your websites, allowing you to answer to all of your consumers from a single platform.

Pricing: 129$ billed annually

Freshdesk WooCommerce Customer Support Plugin

You can connect your WooCommerce-powered online store to your Freshdesk help desk account, helping your customers to request assistance with orders and to receive their answers as quickly as possible.

Image courtesy: WooCommerce


  • Customers can create a new ticket related to an order;
  • Can view a list of active tickets directly on their “My Account” screen;
  • Create a new ticket when viewing an order in the WordPress admin
  • Create a new ticket from a blog post comment, directly from the WordPress admin
  • Can connect and synchronise a product with a forum category and solution category within their Freshdesk helpdesk

Pricing: 79$ billed annually

WooCommerce CRM & Support Tickets – by Richpanel

Richpanel is a WooCommerce CRM & Ticketing System to help merchants respond faster on Chat, Email, Facebook & Instagram from one simple dashboard.

Image courtesy: WooCommerce


  • Customers can contact you via chat, email, and WhatsApp and you can manage all of your conversations in one place.
  • Inside the helpdesk, Richpanel pulls customer orders, website activity, and previous chats. Agents will have a complete context to promptly handle client inquiries.
  • Free up your agents from monotonous data collection (with chatbots) and see how they perform at client feedback and reaction times, as well as assisting conversions.
  • Richpanel also tracks which agents have the most impact on sales and long-term customer connections.
  • Tags, channels (live chat, email, social), and agents can all be used to filter reports.

Pricing: 299$ billed annually

Let us know in comments below the app you use to provide support for your WooCommerce store

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