5 best WooCommerce chat support plugin in 2022

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Isn’t it a little impersonal when you browse the internet?

To offset this sense of isolation, adding some personal touches to your website can help you reap the benefits in the form of substantially higher conversion rates.

A chat support plugin is unbeatable when it comes to adding a personal touch to your website. By rapidly resolving customer problems, a chat support plugin allows you to

  • give great customer service
  • answer sales inquiries in real-time
  • Minimize buyer friction

Ultimately providing you a reassuring human presence until customers are ready to pull out their wallets.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best WooCommerce chat support plugins that you can add to your arsenal to personalize your communications and grow your business.

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Facebook Messenger Chatbot for WooCommerce by FmeAddons

Facebook Messenger Chatbot is a WooCommerce Chat Support Plugin where you can easily automate customer service on Facebook. Customers are engaged in predefined queries and options by the Chatbot, which then suggests the best potential responses.


  • Automates customer support with Chat
  • Chat replies in text, URLs, or postback form
  • Set up to three postback replies (Facebook allows three)
  • Send images in initial chat messages
  • Write default Chatbot messages with titles
  • Create conditional questions as auto-replies
  • Enable product, category, or post search in Chat
  • Show Chat bubble on shop, home, or single-product pages
  • Connect your Facebook business page
  • Change the connected Facebook page when needed

Priced at 49$/ month

WhatsApp chat for WooCommerce by FmeAddons

Another WooCommerce Chat Support Plugin that helps you add WhatsApp messenger to your WooCommerce store encourages customers to engage in a friendly and informal conversation with the support team.


  • Add WhatsApp messenger to chat with customers
  • Create a complete support team for WhatsApp chat
  • Define availability of support staff
  • Predefine messages for customers
  • Enable floating button for WhatsApp chat widget
  • Display floating button on multiple store pages
  • Online/offline messages about support staff
  • Choose a position for the WhatsApp Chat widget

Priced at 49$/ month

Live chat support plugin

LiveChat is a feature-rich premium live chat support plugin that allows you to connect with your customers in real-time with a customized chat widget


  • Choose a colour for your chat widget, add your logo, and make a variety of other changes.
  • Tracking options that allow you to check your clients’ cart details during a chat
  • Product details, product count, and latest order details are all available.
  • Send timed invitations to unsure shoppers.
  • Multiple chat sessions can be held at the same time
  • canned solutions to frequently asked questions can be sent.
  • chats can be tagged, and files can be sent to clients via the chat widget.
  • Collect the tickets with messages that customers leave while you’re out of the office and respond to them when you return.

Priced at 16$/month/agent

Woo Bot for WooCommerce by WP1

Woo Bot is a WooCommerce Chat Support Plugin that fully customizes a basic ChatBot that lets your consumers swiftly and conveniently search for products.

It is a consumer engagement tool that connects online retailers with their customers and automates live chat chats with customer care.


  • ChatBot intelligently answers queries and allows the owner to set up unanswered questions.
  • On exit intent, open the conversation bot.
  • Search for products.
  • In conversation, there is a product thumbnail with a link to the product page.
  • Configuration of the chat icon.
  • Configure the chat icon and background color.
  • Configuration of the chat popup theme (dark/light).
  • Configure the background picture for the chat popup.
  • Add responses to frequently asked queries in the backend.
  • New question alerts through email.
  • For a chat call to action, use a simple shortcode.
  • With the chat log, you can keep track of all of your conversations.

Priced at 29$ billed annually

Whatsapp chat support plugin and Omnichannel suite by Mezchip

Mezchip is an omnichannel customer support helpdesk designed for WooCommerce stores.

With Mezchip’s WhatsApp chat support plugin you can easily add a Whatsapp chat widget to your Woocommerce Store and manage all your customer communications across WhatsApp and social media dm’s in a single place.


  • Add Whatsapp Chat Widget
  • Get Whatsapp Business API
  • Send customers from other channels to Whatsapp without losing data
  • Get order details of customers
  • Assign tickets to team members
  • Converse with customers on any channel
  • Enable floating button for WhatsApp chat widget
  • Display floating button on multiple store pages
  • Online/offline messages about support staff
  • Choose a position for the WhatsApp Chat widget

Priced at 25$/ month

Chat Support Plugins are important and good to have as they give a face and voice to your online store. Customers find themselves in good hands if they are given immediate support to their queries. Chat Support plugins can not only increase your conversions rates but also helps you build customer trust and loyalty.

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