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Difference Between Whatsapp API and Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Business API and Whatsapp Business are two different apps that you can use to develop your business. Both these apps offer the same features like sending instant messages, making calls, and much more. However, there are some differences between them that you should know about before choosing one of them.

What is Whatsapp API?

Whatsapp Business API is a commercial solution that enables you to send professional messages, including photos and videos, to your customers and potential customers. The API uses the power of WhatsApp’s text messaging and voice-calling features to deliver your messages in real time.

What is Whatsapp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a messaging app that allows you to create groups, share files and send messages. It is easy to use and allows you to communicate with your clients, colleagues, and employees without worrying about the cost of calling or sending text messages.

The Subtle Difference Between Whatsapp API and Whatsapp Business

Even though both are Whatsapp programs, they differ in several ways. Here, we’ll examine how they differ from one another.

Whatsapp API message is sent with a registered phone number of the company.

When you send a message with the Whatsapp Business API, it is sent to the phone number that you registered for your company. This means that if someone else were to send an SMS or MMS with this number, they will be able to view it as though it were sent from your device.

However, when sending a WhatsApp Business API message using your account and not being logged in as a venture’s owner (or vice versa), all messages are sent through Whatsapp’s servers and not directly onto another person’s device. The only way someone could see this type of message is if they somehow figured out their IP address – which isn’t easy.

Whatsapp Business API can only be used by companies approved by WhatsApp.

Only the companies that Whatsapp has approved can use WhatsApp Business API. It’s a part of WhatsApp Business. Companies can use it for marketing purposes only and not for personal use.

Whatsapp API is an ideal choice for businesses 

  • Whatsapp Business API is an ideal choice for businesses to send instant messages or alerts in bulk to their clients and customers.
  • It’s a paid service, so you don’t have to worry about losing money with this platform.
  • The Whatsapp API provides you with the opportunity to reach out to your customers. The channels include SMS, emails, and mobile app push notifications at any given time of day or night.

Whatsapp Business App is a free application 

Whatsapp Business App is available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Users can download it on any device with an active mobile number and internet connection. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can use it, irrespective of the operating system they use.

You can also make use of this tool if you want to build your own business through WhatsApp marketing strategies.

You can have everything with a Whatsapp Business account

With a Whatsapp Business account, you can have chats, make calls, write stories, change display pictures and status, etc. This platform lets businesses communicate with their customers in real time. You can check out the features of this platform here: https://business.whatsapp.com/.  

Both applications are useful for business purposes

Both Whatsapp API and Whatsapp Business are apps for commercial purposes. But the way of developing them is different.

WhatsApp API is a service that companies can use after getting approved by WhatsApp. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for businesses to send instant messages or alerts in bulk to their clients and customers.

On the other hand, it’s difficult to use WhatsApp Business without their approval. You need their help because of some limitations regarding their usage. Some of these limitations are 50K characters per message and alert etc.


We have discussed two different types of Whatsapp: Whatsapp Business API and Whatsapp Business and how to use them. Now you know the difference between these two, which one is better for your company? We can answer this question with a simple question: Which one suits your business needs? We hope this help you in scaling up your company.

5 Best WooCommerce Customer Service Plugin


If you have an excellent online store with a plethora of products that are never out of stock, you have won half the battle. However, to win the other half, you need to have robust customer service in place.

Good customer service will ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction, and it can help attract and retain customers consistently. But for that, you will require a WooCommerce Customer Service Plugin to help simplify the complex process of customer service.

To help you out, we have discussed the five best WooCommerce Customer Service Plugins. These plugins can help drive your business, whether you are just starting out or already have an established online presence. Read on to find out more.

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1. Mezchip

mezchip dashboard

Mezchip is one of the easiest and best WooCommerce Customer Service Plugins available today. The plugin seamlessly integrates with the online store and empowers businesses to serve their customers most effectively and efficiently.

The plugin packs a variety of powerful features like customer order tracking, responding to customer queries, creating custom tickets, team collaboration, and much more. 

This plugin also enables businesses to prioritize conversations and provide a personalized experience across various platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, to create a seamless customer experience.

Moreover, Mezchip is also available at a highly affordable price. The basic plan is free to use, while even the most expensive Enterprise plan costs just INR 8999 (around $120) per month.

If you would like to give Mezchip a try, you can book a demo here.

2. ThriveDesk

Thrivedesk dashboard

ThriveDesk is a WooCommerce Customer Service Plugin designed specifically to cater to startups and small businesses. The plugin is simple and easy to set up, letting you connect with your customers instantly.

Some powerful features of ThriveDesk include a shared inbox that enables streamlining tickets and customer conversations, data-driven reporting that helps make better-informed decisions, and a customer knowledge base that serves as a data repository.

With the help of ThriveDesk, agents can track customers, view transaction history, refund payments, chat with customers in real-time, and much more. This helps elevate the customer experience, helping with business growth.

ThriveDesk offers a simple and affordable pricing plan. It is available at just $15 per user per month. You can also opt for a 14-day trial without entering any card details.

If you would like to give ThriveDesk a try, you can book a demo here.

3. Zendesk

Zendesk dashboard

Zendesk plugin enables you to provide sophisticated and seamless customer service across multiple channels.

It has been used by more than 150,000 companies across various sectors for their customer service needs.

The features of Zendesk include pre-defined ticket responses, messaging and live chat, and answer bot, web widgets, customer service search history, and more.

The only downside of Zendesk that we can think of is its price point.

The entry-level suite team costs $ 150 per agent per month, while the suite Enterprise can go up to $150 per agent per month.

If you want to test Zendesk, you can watch a demo or start a free trial.

4. Help Scout Desk

HelpScout desk dashboard

Help Scout Desk is a simple plugin that empowers businesses to provide customers with an easy way to create support tickets.

This WooCommerce Customer service plugin is best for new businesses using customer support plugins.

The features of the Help Scout Desk include thread tagging, attachment support, conversation embed, and WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, & Easy Digital Downloads integrations.

There are certain downsides to the plugin as well. For example, certain features like live chat aren’t available yet.

Moreover, certain features like teams and custom fields are available only in the plus plan. Help Scout Desk is available for $49.99.

To know more about the Help Scout Desk, you can contact them here.

5. Awesome Support

Awesome support dashboard

Awesome Support plugin provides everything that a business needs for customer service. The plugin setup is simple and can be completed in only five minutes.

The features that make Awesome Support one of the best customer service plugins include automatic agent assignment, complete ticket history, unlimited file attachments, and several others.

The main USP of Awesome Support, however, is its pricing. It starts from as low as $149 per year, while the costliest plan is just $409 per year. 

Final Words

These were our top five picks for the best WooCommerce Customer Service plugins

Depending upon your business needs, the plugin’s features and functionalities, budget, pros and cons of each and other factors, you can decide on a plugin best suited for your business.

Eventually, irrespective of whichever plugin you choose, providing the ultimate customer service should be your aim and priority.

This will help attract customers, build strong customer relationships, and create a base of loyal, trustworthy customers, eventually leading you to rapid, exponential business growth. 

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction Without Surveys?

person marking check on opened book

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate metric to measure how your D2C brand or your e-commerce business is doing in recent times.

It is a way to know whether consumers are satisfied with the product or the services.

However, this is not an easy job to do.

The old technique of executing surveys to know about customer satisfaction is becoming irrelevant day by day.

There are several other techniques to do the job in a simpler way and with more conviction.

The survey’s main constraints are that many do not participate in it, do not respond, and are time-consuming.

This article will talk about how to measure customer satisfaction without going through any kinds of surveys.

Following are some of the alternative techniques that you can apply in your online business to avoid the hassles of a survey.

Studying Customer Correspondences

The first thing to do is ensure that you are open to receiving feedback directly from your customers.

Direct relations must be garnered between your business and the customers via email, chat, text, phone, social media platforms, and messenger applications.

Implementing an omnichannel customer support helpdesk like Mezchip that unifies all your communication channels is one of the most effective ways to handle customer communications and feedback across channels.

person holding white samsung android smartphone
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Pexels.com

Your support agents and/or representatives can collect and study reviews of the customers to initiate future improvements.

Collecting all the info from the customers is extremely crucial.

It helps the business to collect data to predict their report card showcasing both the good and the bad aspects according to the customers. This opens the door to making all the vital improvements that can further enhance your customer service.

Collecting and studying customer correspondences also helps you track your quality of service, pricing of your products, speed of services, trust, difficulties or objections, customer emotions, and services required.

Customer Loyalty Metrics

person holding pen pointing at graph
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Another data point that reflects customer satisfaction is how many times customers repeat their purchases.

The high volume of Repeat customers shows that they are satisfied with your services or product.

It also ensures that satisfied customers are likely to suggest your services or products to others. And this will ensure that your business grows fruitfully.

You can track your metrics for customer satisfaction by tracking your repeat customers, their frequency, regular cost per order, and your customer’s lifetime value.

Examining Reactions to Promotions

It is vital to assess how customers react to promotions, bonuses, and coupons. If customers show positive responses to your promotions, they have developed a liking or satisfaction for your product.

And the best part is that you know it without even doing a survey.

red product tag
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Some promotions that you can try out to measure consumer satisfaction are –

Personalized Deals

Social media is a good platform to create engagement with your consumers.

You can provide exclusive discounts on your social media base so that they become more connected and engaged with your product.

You can do the same for your email base also.

Promotions on References

Give away exciting promotions to your present customers if they recommend your product to their network. This is the best way to grow your business beyond your current base.

Regulating Social Media Remarks

Social media has become the platform where customers convey their experiences with a product. They also share their frustration and disappointment regarding a company’s product on social media.

Customers’ feedback regarding your product or services on social media is vital to know customer satisfaction and customer concerns.

Final Words

These were some of the ways in which you can assess customer satisfaction for your business without collecting age-old surveys.

Gather all the references and results to satisfy the consumers better.

Maintain monthly and yearly overall data to know about customer satisfaction and make vital improvements.

After all, if the customer satisfaction graph goes higher, it will be directly entwined with the success of your business.

Mezchip is now an official Instamojo App Partner

two person in long sleeved shirt shakehand

Instamojo’s ecosystem is changing as it continues to support a growing number of India’s major eCommerce sites, brands, and merchants.They’ve expanded their program to include partners who can meet merchant demand. As such we are very thrilled to announce that Mezchip is the first omnichannel customer service platform for Instamojo merchants.

How Instamojo and Mezchip will help Indian merchants?

The Instamojo App Store assists Indian merchants in finding apps and solutions they require to start and grow their businesses. This Partnership program is just for Partner apps that have demonstrated a level of product quality, performance, and support that can be depended on for Instamojo Merchant’s unique and frequently complicated requirements.

Merchants require dependable and cost-effective solutions. When thousands of consumers are wondering where their purchase is following a sale or if they should order a half-size higher, a customer assistance platform that can keep up is required.

As a result, Mezchip is the only customer service platform to pass the test. We assist retailers and e-commerce store owners in lowering costs and increasing earnings.

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Save your time

gray double bell clock
Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

Did you know that 70% of customer care tickets are devoted to assisting customers with purchase updates, edits, changes, or cancellations? That’s tremendously time-consuming and an expensive affair. You can make your team’s lives easier by connecting your store with your existing support channels and saving up to 30% of your time.

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Right Customer Support tool can help increase sales conversions

man wearing pink polo shirt with text overlay
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

As more customers want queries resolved before they buy, we help merchants monetize and track every interaction with their customers. Categorize conversations as leads or support and resolve on the go to convert more leads to sales.

5 best WordPress helpdesk plugins for customer support

woman in white blazer sitting by the table

WordPress helpdesk plugins allow you to provide centralized and rapid assistance, resulting in more user interaction and conversions.

Getting more conversions means you’ll be able to go around with a smug expression like Simon Cowell, which is always a good thing.

Pic source: on-a-limb.com

In today’s post, we’ll show you our top picks in WordPress helpdesk plugins in the market, so you can add a fully working support system and get more customers. Even with the most excellent WordPress helpdesk plugins, outstanding assistance comes down to one thing: availability.

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Without further ado, let’s get to work. You will find the below-listed plugins reasonably priced and simple to set up. With any of these, you should be able to establish your support system in less than 5 minutes.

KB Support WordPress Helpdesk Plugin

If you are looking for a WordPress help desk and knowledge base support tool plugin with an easy-to-use interface, Your go-to option is KB Support.

With this great tool, you may design and fully configure as many ticket submission forms as you need. And the most significant thing is… You may use the ticket management system by email using the Email Support extension. Your customers may submit a ticket with a problem and handle it without having to create an account on your website. The same is true for the agents keeping your customers pleased and stress-free.

AH Tickets Helpdesk Plugin & Support

This WordPress helpdesk plugin is known for its ease of use and responsiveness.

The attractive design, an incredible list of features, and an excellent buyer rating give this plugin a definite edge over the others. The core architecture of AH Tickets is the Bootstrap framework. It is future-proof and responsive.

You can link AH Tickets to Mailchimp to expand your mailing list and let your visitors log in with their preferred social network account. It is rated as, one of the best WordPress helpdesk plugins available.


If you have customer queries coming in from various channels like social media, email, phone etc, Mezchip is the helpdesk to go for. Mezchip is an omnichannel helpdesk platform where Customers contact you through their preferred channel of communication, including phone, email, Whatsapp, and social media. Mezchip enables you to gather and respond to inquiries from a single interface. Mezchip’s deep WooCommerce shop integration feature collects background information about your customer so you can have a customized dialogue and take action without switching between channels and WooCommerce stores.

Customer inquiries can quickly become overwhelming! You may use Mezchip to prioritize and arrange requests across channels, resulting in a seamless experience for your agents. Mezchip connects your WooCommerce store to your existing support channels to enable you to provide the best customer experience possible for your company.

WSDesk – Helpdesk for ELEX WordPress

You can quickly create a comprehensive customer support system for WordPress with WSDesk. To get started, install and run the setup wizard. Because you own your support platform, you can add all of your agents at no extra cost. The same is valid for tickets. There is no limit to the number of submissions your clients can make with WSDesk.

You can also add agents, statuses (unresolved, pending, solved), and tags to your tickets to keep them organized. Furthermore, unlike other alternatives, WSDesk saves all of your data on your site, giving you complete control over your customer and support data.

WSDesk additionally has built-in tools to help you with support. Configure email notifications, automatic ticket closure following inactivity, department assignment, etc. Make prefabricated replies available to your agents. Examine your team’s performance utilizing the agent ratings and ticket reports. You may also use IMAP or Google OAuth to create tickets automatically from unread emails.

TotalDesk WordPress Helpdesk Plugin

Perhaps you’d prefer to reduce the number of hours you spend providing customer service. Maybe you’d like a more passive method of assisting your guests. You’d want to reduce the number of customer support emails and one-on-one phone conversations.

With this plugin you can construct a knowledge base. You can even connect to a self-service customer helpdesk, ticket system, and live chat.

TotalDesk includes incredible features like drag-and-drop post reordering, live search and FAQs. It has numerous notification choices, ticket reports, custom widgets, multi-lingual support, and much more.


WordPress helpdesk plugins allow you to improve user experience, increase conversions, and save time. Whether you opt for a paid or free helpdesk plugin, make sure you respond to support issues on time. These plugins allow your customers to contact you and receive help whenever they are stuck on your site.

5 best WooCommerce chat support plugin in 2022

two white message balloons

Isn’t it a little impersonal when you browse the internet?

To offset this sense of isolation, adding some personal touches to your website can help you reap the benefits in the form of substantially higher conversion rates.

A chat support plugin is unbeatable when it comes to adding a personal touch to your website. By rapidly resolving customer problems, a chat support plugin allows you to

  • give great customer service
  • answer sales inquiries in real-time
  • Minimize buyer friction

Ultimately providing you a reassuring human presence until customers are ready to pull out their wallets.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best WooCommerce chat support plugins that you can add to your arsenal to personalize your communications and grow your business.

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Facebook Messenger Chatbot for WooCommerce by FmeAddons

Facebook Messenger Chatbot is a WooCommerce Chat Support Plugin where you can easily automate customer service on Facebook. Customers are engaged in predefined queries and options by the Chatbot, which then suggests the best potential responses.


  • Automates customer support with Chat
  • Chat replies in text, URLs, or postback form
  • Set up to three postback replies (Facebook allows three)
  • Send images in initial chat messages
  • Write default Chatbot messages with titles
  • Create conditional questions as auto-replies
  • Enable product, category, or post search in Chat
  • Show Chat bubble on shop, home, or single-product pages
  • Connect your Facebook business page
  • Change the connected Facebook page when needed

Priced at 49$/ month

WhatsApp chat for WooCommerce by FmeAddons

Another WooCommerce Chat Support Plugin that helps you add WhatsApp messenger to your WooCommerce store encourages customers to engage in a friendly and informal conversation with the support team.


  • Add WhatsApp messenger to chat with customers
  • Create a complete support team for WhatsApp chat
  • Define availability of support staff
  • Predefine messages for customers
  • Enable floating button for WhatsApp chat widget
  • Display floating button on multiple store pages
  • Online/offline messages about support staff
  • Choose a position for the WhatsApp Chat widget

Priced at 49$/ month

Live chat support plugin

LiveChat is a feature-rich premium live chat support plugin that allows you to connect with your customers in real-time with a customized chat widget


  • Choose a colour for your chat widget, add your logo, and make a variety of other changes.
  • Tracking options that allow you to check your clients’ cart details during a chat
  • Product details, product count, and latest order details are all available.
  • Send timed invitations to unsure shoppers.
  • Multiple chat sessions can be held at the same time
  • canned solutions to frequently asked questions can be sent.
  • chats can be tagged, and files can be sent to clients via the chat widget.
  • Collect the tickets with messages that customers leave while you’re out of the office and respond to them when you return.

Priced at 16$/month/agent

Woo Bot for WooCommerce by WP1

Woo Bot is a WooCommerce Chat Support Plugin that fully customizes a basic ChatBot that lets your consumers swiftly and conveniently search for products.

It is a consumer engagement tool that connects online retailers with their customers and automates live chat chats with customer care.


  • ChatBot intelligently answers queries and allows the owner to set up unanswered questions.
  • On exit intent, open the conversation bot.
  • Search for products.
  • In conversation, there is a product thumbnail with a link to the product page.
  • Configuration of the chat icon.
  • Configure the chat icon and background color.
  • Configuration of the chat popup theme (dark/light).
  • Configure the background picture for the chat popup.
  • Add responses to frequently asked queries in the backend.
  • New question alerts through email.
  • For a chat call to action, use a simple shortcode.
  • With the chat log, you can keep track of all of your conversations.

Priced at 29$ billed annually

Whatsapp chat support plugin and Omnichannel suite by Mezchip

Mezchip is an omnichannel customer support helpdesk designed for WooCommerce stores.

With Mezchip’s WhatsApp chat support plugin you can easily add a Whatsapp chat widget to your Woocommerce Store and manage all your customer communications across WhatsApp and social media dm’s in a single place.


  • Add Whatsapp Chat Widget
  • Get Whatsapp Business API
  • Send customers from other channels to Whatsapp without losing data
  • Get order details of customers
  • Assign tickets to team members
  • Converse with customers on any channel
  • Enable floating button for WhatsApp chat widget
  • Display floating button on multiple store pages
  • Online/offline messages about support staff
  • Choose a position for the WhatsApp Chat widget

Priced at 25$/ month

Chat Support Plugins are important and good to have as they give a face and voice to your online store. Customers find themselves in good hands if they are given immediate support to their queries. Chat Support plugins can not only increase your conversions rates but also helps you build customer trust and loyalty.

Intercom vs Mezchip for WooCommerce

intercom vs mezchip

Customer interactions are more crucial than they’ve ever been.

However, the size and nature of internet commerce and escalating client expectations, make it challenging to establish—and maintain—those relationships.

An All-in-one customer communications platform is used by sales, marketing, and support teams to achieve faster growth through stronger interactions.

Most of them are full customer communications platforms with bots, apps, product tours, and more.

Some even have email, messaging, and a help center—so you can maintain excellent customer interactions at all times.

To aid in your evaluation of potential customer service solutions, we have compared two customer service options, Intercom vs Mezchip.

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Both platforms provide a variety of packages, features, and perks that can assist your team in delighting consumers and achieving success.



Intercom Integration for WooCommerce allows you to communicate directly with your customers and give on-site support. 

It syncs order details, customer data, and other relevant data into the platform, allowing you to rapidly fix the issue.

It also adds a form to each purchase description in your business, allowing consumers to contact you directly. For the most frequently requested questions, you can create automated responses.

Customers can access their My Account pages to keep track of their support requests. They might go over previous talks with you and initiate follow-ups.

It’s not a problem if you have multiple businesses. Intercom for WooCommerce collects questions from all of your websites, allowing you to react to them all from one place.


Priced at 129$ billed annually


Mezchip is an omnichannel customer support dashboard where you can manage your customer communications across support channels.

You can use Mezchip to communicate with potential and existing customers via email, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

You can respond to multiple customer queries, and engage with your potential customers. 

mezchip dashboard
Mezchip Dasboard

Mezchip gives you a separate platform dedicated entirely to your support staff.

Deep integration with your WooCommerce Store empowers your support staff to send personalized messages to customers. You can also manage returns and cancellations without juggling information across email, messaging apps, and store.


Manage customer queries across Email, Facebook/Instagram DM’s and Whatsapp from a single platform :

View and Respond to customer queries across your existing support platforms all from one place. Save time, get repeat customers and build your brand value.

View and manage your Store orders from a single platform:

Just enter order details and get access to order, payment, and shipment details. Track shipments, update order details, and cancel orders all from one place. No more juggling between your Store and support channels.

Create Custom Channels & Close dialogues:

You can create new channels for support queries from phones or messages. Create and track in real-time unresolved dialogues.

Get Push Notifications:

Get instantly notified of customer messages across any channel. No more missing out on leads or customer queries. 

Integrate Multiple Stores and channels:

You can integrate multiple Woocommerce stores and support channels from a single dashboard at a very low cost.

Sort and prioritize customers and tickets: Sort tickets by tags and stay on top on each conversation

Collaborate with team members:

Assign tickets to team members. Set up rules to auto-assign dialogues to the team, collaborate and respond to multiple queries at the same time

Pricing :

Starts at $29/ month for 750 tickets (See pricing page)

To summarise Intercom vs Mezchip debate, Intercom has a wholesome feel to it and is more focused on customer satisfaction. But it might be prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses.

If you’re searching for a middle ground, I’d suggest trying out some other options, such as Mezchip. It combines the best aspects of both worlds and is less expensive than Intercom.

Take a 1 month free trial of Mezchip and experience it in action.

How to handle social media comments for e-commerce business

customer service on social media

“When you assume negative intent, you’re angry. If you take away that anger and assume positive intent, you will be amazed.”

Indra Nooyi

Today, social media is one of the most significant avenues for customer service.

However, some e-commerce businesses are wary of devoting too much time to social media customer support.

If spending time on social media comments is a bad idea, I would encourage you to think about it again.

Why do customers use social media channels to communicate?

The most successful e-commerce companies, come as close to their customers as possible.

They pay attention to their customer’s comments and input and establish lines of communication on their terms.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/smileys-customer-satisfaction-review-5617876/

Customers give significant comments on your social media posts and advertisements for the following reasons:

  • It aligns with their user flow. Customers don’t want to leave their favorite social networking platform to contact you elsewhere.
  • So many e-commerce firms thrive on social media customer care. Consumers expect brands to respond to their comments.
  • Customers want to feel as if they have direct contact with your company. This extends beyond simply receiving a response.
  • Customers want to know that their voices are being heard. That they are being seen by your company. They want to know that you provide actual customer service rather than simply basic assistance.

A staggering 83 percent of global customers demand a response time of fewer than 24 hours.

It’s all about engaging and interacting with your audience on social media.

This means that you respond to your customer’s social media comments even if they aren’t always the kindest.

Knowing how to communicate with customers as a company can be difficult.

Therefore, we’ve put up this guide on the types of social media comments you’ll encounter and how to reply to them.

Let’s get started!

Types of social media comments

We’ll go over four different types of social media comments, each of which requires a different strategy.

1. Positive feedback or comments

When someone positively responds to one of your posts or mentions your company, you should always thank them for their time and recognize the comment.

2. Unfavorable remarks

Not every comment is a glowing endorsement or a disgruntled consumer.

Some are neutral, such as when a user asks a question, comments on a product, post, or photo, or even tag a buddy in the comments.

3. Negative feedback

Resolving issues such as order or product issues can help turn a negative comment into a repeat customer.

Comments with an angry tone, general criticism or questions of your company’s behaviour, or communications directed at specific persons are examples of this.

4. Remarks concerning a crisis

A crisis for social media teams could be a significant worldwide issue that affects customers, or it could be a period when your company is suffering public relations or legal repercussions.

Creating the ideal customer care response on social media

Customer service representatives and social media managers can’t anticipate every scenario. Social media comments can catch you off guard at times.

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/images/id-5187243/

Follow these steps every time you want to provide outstanding social media customer care.

1. Take the time to completely comprehend the situation.

While it’s necessary to answer promptly, you don’t want to respond too quickly. If you respond too quickly, you may overlook a vital detail.

2. Prepare an answer

You can start crafting your response once you’re certain you have all of the contextual information you need. Make certain you cover the following crucial points:

  • Questions about the product:
    • Clarify your response to the inquiry.
    • Back up your response with real, detailed product facts and specifics.
  • Positive feedback:
    • Thank the consumer in a way that is consistent with your brand’s tone.
    • If it’s a good fit for your product, ask them to keep you updated on the progress.
    • If they have any queries, let them know you’re here to help.
  • Negative feedback:
    • Demonstrate empathy for the customer.
    • Accept their criticism with maturity (as opposed to disagreeing with them or attempting to silence them)
    • Discuss a possible solution.
    • Customers should be sent to your helpdesk, knowledge base, or customer care staff (as appropriate)
    • Before reacting to a sensitive subject, seek approval from management.

When companies reply too quickly to provocative comments, they might find themselves in hot water.

If the topic is about sustainability, equity, diversity, and inclusion, or the founders’ political beliefs or actions, you may need to run your response past your PR or communications team.

  • Respond to the comment and, if necessary, create a ticket via Mezchip

Leave a remark once you’ve received the appropriate response. Remember to tag the person to whom you’re responding.

3. Ensure that customer service follows up on the issue until it is resolved.

You won’t have to remember to check if the person responded if you have a ticket open in your helpdesk.

Instead, you’ll be able to see the open ticket and then proceed to the article or ad with the comment thread by clicking through.

You can use omnichannel tools like mezchip to get all your queries from your social media pages and follow up on tickets.

If the issue is critical (the client wants a return or hasn’t received their stuff in the mail), post a second comment and tag them to ensure they read your response.

You’ll acquire new customers if you follow these social media customer service principles.

If you follow these social media customer service principles, you’ll win new admirers while strengthening your existing relationships.

Zendesk vs Mezchip for WooCommerce

We all understand the importance of customer support.

But when asked WHY, we may find it difficult to express a response.

Investing in customer support tools is difficult to market both internally and outside if you don’t have a solid answer to the question.

So, what makes customer support so crucial for small businesses?

  • It Aids in attracting and retaining clients.
  • Raises the customer’s lifetime value.
  • Provides information that will help you better your product/ service.

Satisfied customers are less likely to shop elsewhere.

A variety of factors can make a consumer angry. However, a bad customer service experience can be the primary reason for customers to churn.

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Customer requests come in from all directions. Therefore, customer support necessitates a great deal of work, concentration, and time management

The perfect help-desk tool is one that collates all your existing communication channels into a single channel. It provides you with everything you need to know to effectively handle incoming queries without losing your mind or your CAT!.

In this blog, we are going to compare Zendesk vs Mezchip two well-known support desk applications to help you make this decision.


This is one such helpdesk tool that streamlines your WooCommerce business by centralizing customer orders and inquiries.

It organizes your WooCommerce store by managing customer orders and inquiries at one place with a proper trail and hassle-free environment

When a buyer places an order or submits an inquiry, it immediately creates a new ticket for the consumer.


This plugin provides valuable features for managing customer orders.

Easy to integrate

Integrating this plugin is very straightforward. Copy-paste your SubdomainUsername, and Access token from your Zendesk account, save changes, and your WooCommerce store is now integrated with your account.

Keep track of orders and emails in one place

When an order or inquiry is placed by the buyer, a new ticket is automatically generated in Zendesk for the customer. You are notified via email and in your account. You can easily follow up on the relevant ticket accordingly.

Sort customer orders easily

You can sort and arrange customer orders based on status, customer name, tags, priority levels, etc.

Make notes and tag teammates for easy management of customer-related issues

You can make notes for your consideration and assign the ticket or task to the relevant team member according to the inquiry made by your customer. You can proceed with all internal and external communication on the same ticket without notifying the customer, by setting the access level for different accounts in Zendesk.

Scrutinize your orders by the status

With Zendesk support integration, you have the capability to filter the orders based on the status of the order.

Set priority levels for your customer’s inquiry

Depending on the severity of the issues, you can set priority levels for inquiries made by your clients.


The pricing for this plugin is 129$ per year and is payable annually.


Inbound contact has a 10 to 15 times greater chance of converting to sales than other types of leads.

You can use Mezchip for your WooCommerce store to communicate with potential and existing customers across channels.

You can easily integrate email, Facebook, Instagram, & Whatsapp, into a single platform to resolve customer queries and convert leads.

Mezchip Dashboard

Mezchip includes several useful capabilities, such as

  • order tracking
  • responding to customer inquiries across social media dm’s
  • creating custom channels, &
  • managing cancellations & returns

All of these fantastic capabilities come at a very low cost, making it simple to convert leads and keep your customers happy at all times.


Manage customer queries across Email, Facebook/Instagram DM’s and Whatsapp :

View and Respond to customer queries across your existing support platforms all from one place. Save time, get repeat customers and build your brand value.

View and manage your Store orders from a single platform:

Just enter order details and get access to the entire details of the order, payment, and shipment details. Track shipments, update order details, and cancel orders all from one place. No more juggling between your Store and support channels.

Create Custom Channels:

You can create channels for support queries from phones or messages. Track in real-time unresolved dialogues.

Get Push Notifications:

Get instantly notified of customer messages across any channel. No more missing out on leads or customer queries. 

Integrate Multiple Stores and channels:

With Mezchip you have the ability to integrate multiple Woocommerce stores and support channels all from a single dashboard at a very low cost.

Sort and prioritize customers and tickets:

Sort tickets by tags and stay on top of each conversation

Collaborate with team members:

Assign tickets to team members, set up rules to auto-assign dialogues to the team, collaborate and respond to multiple queries at the same time

Pricing :

Starts at $29/ month for 750 tickets 

In Summary

Choosing a customer support app begins with determining the functionality you require.

The best method to find out is to speak with your customer service employees, who are familiar with the procedures you have in place daily.

Everyone else will most likely find a solution that provides all of the features and capabilities they require without breaking the budget.

Take the time to understand what you need and which tools you’ll need to meet those needs.

In deciding between Zendesk vs Mezchip understand how many tickets your agents are handling on a daily basis.

When you have all the items nailed down, finding the perfect solution in your budget becomes a lot easier.

Then it’s just a matter of putting the options to the test and seeing what works best.

Finding a single platform for all client interactions, from automated tickets and social media conversations to knowledge bases, and managing customer orders, is the safest bet.

Start your free trial with Mezchip to begin your journey of growth by driving excellent customer service.

RichPanel vs Mezchip for WooCommerce

richpanel vs mezchip

Customer service expectations are shifting.

Customers expect quicker responses, less back-and-forth, and greater transparency.

Increased customer expectations are giving rise to newer problems. Therefore, it is important that brands ensure their teams are ready when it comes to service and support.

We frequently embrace new tools to assist us in meeting new client expectations.

However, sorting reviews and determining if a certain tool will be valuable to your organization may be extremely challenging.

Choosing a customer support tool begins with determining the functionality you require.

In this blog, we have compared RichPanel vs Mezchip as customer support tools to help you decide the best way to manage your customer communication.


Richpanel is a WooCommerce CRM and Ticketing System that allows retailers to respond quickly to customer inquiries via chat, email, Facebook, and Instagram from a single dashboard.

Source: https://betalist.com/startups/richpanel/visit


  • Customers can contact you via chat, email, and WhatsApp*, and you can manage all your conversations in one place.
  • Inside the helpdesk, Richpanel pulls customer orders, website activity, and previous chats. Agents will have the complete context to promptly handle client inquiries.
  • You can easily connect with your team members 
  • Use the live chat to convert visitors to customers
  • Utilize its chatbots to free up your agents from monotonous data collecting.
  • Richpanel also tracks agents that have most impact on sales and long-term customer connections. Tags, channels (live chat, email, social), and agents can all be used to filter reports.


Starts at $99/month for 350 conversations


Inbound contact has the potential to convert sales at a rate 10 to 15 times greater than other leads. 

Mezchip is an omnichannel customer communication tool that helps you manage customer communications across support channels.

You can use Mezchip to communicate with potential and existing customers via email, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

You can also respond to customer queries, and engage with your potential customers. 

Mezchip Dashboard

Mezchip gives you a separate platform dedicated entirely to your support staff.

Deep integration with your WooCommerce Store empowers your support staff to send personalized messages to customers. You can also manage returns and cancellations without even entering the store.


Manage customer queries across Email, Facebook/Instagram DM’s, and Whatsapp from a single platform

View and Respond to customer queries across support platforms all from one place. Save time, get repeat customers and build your brand value.

View and manage your Store orders from a single platform

Just enter order number and view order details of customer. Track shipments, update order details, and cancel orders all from one place. No more juggling between your Store and support channels.

Create Custom Channels & Close dialogues

You can create custom channels for support queries from phones or messages. Also, you can track in real-time unresolved dialogues.

Get Push Notifications

Get instantly notified of customer messages across any channel. No more missing out on leads or customer queries. 

Integrate Multiple Stores and channels

With Mezchip you have the ability to integrate multiple Woocommerce stores and support channels all from a single dashboard at a very low cost.

Collaborate with team members

Assign tickets to team members, set up rules to auto-assign dialogues to the team, collaborate and respond to multiple queries at the same time

Pricing :

Starts at $29/ month for 750 tickets 

When it comes to choosing customer service tools for small businesses, our best suggestion is to look for something that is affordable and easy to use.

When it comes to technology, a common mistake small businesses make is putting together separate pieces of customer support software.

Having various apps for different customer communication can cause customers problems to go between the cracks. This can result in the loss of satisfied consumers.

Finding a single platform for all client interactions is the safest bet for small businesses. Read more on How Can Small Businesses Provide Great Customer Service.

With 95% of consumers sharing negative experiences, a single negative review can lose your company an average of 30 clients. Check out this post to know the reasons, Why are my customers dropping out? That is something we do not want to happen to you.

This is why we have created Mezchip | Omnichannel Customer Support Platform for E-Commerce Stores, an affordable omnichannel tool for all your customer service needs.

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