How to Measure Customer Satisfaction Without Surveys?

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Customer satisfaction is the ultimate metric to measure how your D2C brand or your e-commerce business is doing in recent times.

It is a way to know whether consumers are satisfied with the product or the services.

However, this is not an easy job to do.

The old technique of executing surveys to know about customer satisfaction is becoming irrelevant day by day.

There are several other techniques to do the job in a simpler way and with more conviction.

The survey’s main constraints are that many do not participate in it, do not respond, and are time-consuming.

This article will talk about how to measure customer satisfaction without going through any kinds of surveys.

Following are some of the alternative techniques that you can apply in your online business to avoid the hassles of a survey.

Studying Customer Correspondences

The first thing to do is ensure that you are open to receiving feedback directly from your customers.

Direct relations must be garnered between your business and the customers via email, chat, text, phone, social media platforms, and messenger applications.

Implementing an omnichannel customer support helpdesk like Mezchip that unifies all your communication channels is one of the most effective ways to handle customer communications and feedback across channels.

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Your support agents and/or representatives can collect and study reviews of the customers to initiate future improvements.

Collecting all the info from the customers is extremely crucial.

It helps the business to collect data to predict their report card showcasing both the good and the bad aspects according to the customers. This opens the door to making all the vital improvements that can further enhance your customer service.

Collecting and studying customer correspondences also helps you track your quality of service, pricing of your products, speed of services, trust, difficulties or objections, customer emotions, and services required.

Customer Loyalty Metrics

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Another data point that reflects customer satisfaction is how many times customers repeat their purchases.

The high volume of Repeat customers shows that they are satisfied with your services or product.

It also ensures that satisfied customers are likely to suggest your services or products to others. And this will ensure that your business grows fruitfully.

You can track your metrics for customer satisfaction by tracking your repeat customers, their frequency, regular cost per order, and your customer’s lifetime value.

Examining Reactions to Promotions

It is vital to assess how customers react to promotions, bonuses, and coupons. If customers show positive responses to your promotions, they have developed a liking or satisfaction for your product.

And the best part is that you know it without even doing a survey.

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Some promotions that you can try out to measure consumer satisfaction are –

Personalized Deals

Social media is a good platform to create engagement with your consumers.

You can provide exclusive discounts on your social media base so that they become more connected and engaged with your product.

You can do the same for your email base also.

Promotions on References

Give away exciting promotions to your present customers if they recommend your product to their network. This is the best way to grow your business beyond your current base.

Regulating Social Media Remarks

Social media has become the platform where customers convey their experiences with a product. They also share their frustration and disappointment regarding a company’s product on social media.

Customers’ feedback regarding your product or services on social media is vital to know customer satisfaction and customer concerns.

Final Words

These were some of the ways in which you can assess customer satisfaction for your business without collecting age-old surveys.

Gather all the references and results to satisfy the consumers better.

Maintain monthly and yearly overall data to know about customer satisfaction and make vital improvements.

After all, if the customer satisfaction graph goes higher, it will be directly entwined with the success of your business.

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