Intercom vs Mezchip for WooCommerce

intercom vs mezchip

Customer interactions are more crucial than they’ve ever been.

However, the size and nature of internet commerce and escalating client expectations, make it challenging to establish—and maintain—those relationships.

An All-in-one customer communications platform is used by sales, marketing, and support teams to achieve faster growth through stronger interactions.

Most of them are full customer communications platforms with bots, apps, product tours, and more.

Some even have email, messaging, and a help center—so you can maintain excellent customer interactions at all times.

To aid in your evaluation of potential customer service solutions, we have compared two customer service options, Intercom vs Mezchip.

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Both platforms provide a variety of packages, features, and perks that can assist your team in delighting consumers and achieving success.



Intercom Integration for WooCommerce allows you to communicate directly with your customers and give on-site support. 

It syncs order details, customer data, and other relevant data into the platform, allowing you to rapidly fix the issue.

It also adds a form to each purchase description in your business, allowing consumers to contact you directly. For the most frequently requested questions, you can create automated responses.

Customers can access their My Account pages to keep track of their support requests. They might go over previous talks with you and initiate follow-ups.

It’s not a problem if you have multiple businesses. Intercom for WooCommerce collects questions from all of your websites, allowing you to react to them all from one place.


Priced at 129$ billed annually


Mezchip is an omnichannel customer support dashboard where you can manage your customer communications across support channels.

You can use Mezchip to communicate with potential and existing customers via email, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

You can respond to multiple customer queries, and engage with your potential customers. 

mezchip dashboard
Mezchip Dasboard

Mezchip gives you a separate platform dedicated entirely to your support staff.

Deep integration with your WooCommerce Store empowers your support staff to send personalized messages to customers. You can also manage returns and cancellations without juggling information across email, messaging apps, and store.


Manage customer queries across Email, Facebook/Instagram DM’s and Whatsapp from a single platform :

View and Respond to customer queries across your existing support platforms all from one place. Save time, get repeat customers and build your brand value.

View and manage your Store orders from a single platform:

Just enter order details and get access to order, payment, and shipment details. Track shipments, update order details, and cancel orders all from one place. No more juggling between your Store and support channels.

Create Custom Channels & Close dialogues:

You can create new channels for support queries from phones or messages. Create and track in real-time unresolved dialogues.

Get Push Notifications:

Get instantly notified of customer messages across any channel. No more missing out on leads or customer queries. 

Integrate Multiple Stores and channels:

You can integrate multiple Woocommerce stores and support channels from a single dashboard at a very low cost.

Sort and prioritize customers and tickets: Sort tickets by tags and stay on top on each conversation

Collaborate with team members:

Assign tickets to team members. Set up rules to auto-assign dialogues to the team, collaborate and respond to multiple queries at the same time

Pricing :

Starts at $29/ month for 750 tickets (See pricing page)

To summarise Intercom vs Mezchip debate, Intercom has a wholesome feel to it and is more focused on customer satisfaction. But it might be prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses.

If you’re searching for a middle ground, I’d suggest trying out some other options, such as Mezchip. It combines the best aspects of both worlds and is less expensive than Intercom.

Take a 1 month free trial of Mezchip and experience it in action.

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